Three Most Anticipated Games to Release in 2022 for the PS5

Most Anticipated Games

The PlayStation 5 has been available for some time now and its reaction has been mainly good. Faster loading times, a solid-state drive (SSD) rather than a traditional hard disc drive (HDD), and a new DualSense controller are just a few of the enhancements it brings over the PlayStation 4. Having said that, a console is only as good as its games and the PS5 has you covered in that department as well. 

The system already has a big library of PS5 titles, but more will be released in the near future. The video game industry is notorious for revealing and launching new titles in as little as a few months, even when they are years away in development. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing three of the most anticipated games for the PS5 in 2022, some of these games mentioned on the list will be released near the end of 2022, therefore, if you’re looking for new gaming choices whilst you wait you can play a wide range of games and see new options at casino genie.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human: PlayStation 5 gamers may look forward to Dying Light 2: Stay Human, a story-driven action game. The parkour and fierce fighting of the previous game are still there, but the emphasis in this sequel is on the environment and how it evolves as a result of the activities of the players. As a result, Techland has created an open-world zombie game that is both more engaging and more complex than anything the studio has done previously. Four-player cooperative mode is also available, allowing players to see how their worlds differ from each other. It’s been a long time coming, but it seems that Techland will be released in February 4th this year. 

Horizon: Forbidden West: Sony presented Horizon: Forbidden West at its recent Future of Gaming event. We didn’t see much at first, but after many presentations, it seems like another Guerrilla blockbuster. With huge underwater areas and even a glider (not unlike Breath of the Wild). This is one of the most anticipated Sony first-party games. Let’s hope the original’s cliffhanger is resolved. No delays are expected on February 18, 2022.\

Lego Star Wars – The Skywalker Saga: With better fighting and the flexibility to play any of the nine episodes in any sequence, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will be a standout in the series. You’ll be able to explore several worlds and participate in dogfights with other players’ spacecraft in this game

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