Making Your US Open Picks: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Strategy

The US Open takes place annually in Flushing Meadows, New York, where the world’s top tennis players compete for the national title. It takes place over two weeks, and many fans enjoy wagering on the competition, either betting on which player will win each match or picking the winner of the entire tournament. Some basic strategies can help you win more frequently when making your US Open picks, so you’ll want to learn them before placing your bets. Here are tips and tricks to help you win big with your US Open picks this year!

  • Know the Rules

The first step to making your picks is understanding how the tournament works. The US Open is a single-elimination event, meaning that once a player loses, they’re out of the running. The match starts with 128 players, 64 of whom are seeded. Seeded players are ranked according to their ATP or WTA ranking and are given preferential treatment when it comes to scheduling.

  • Pick Players Who Can Win

Pick players who have a chance to win the tournament. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that not every player is created equal. Some players are better at specific courses or in better form leading up to the tournament. Do your research and identify which players have the best chance to hoist the trophy.

  • Make Picks that you know will win.

If you want to make successful picks during the US Open, you need to do your research. Know which players are in form and who has been playing well leading up to the tournament. Also, consider the surface that will be played on, as this can significantly affect how a player performs. With all of this information, you can then start making your picks. Good luck!

  • Select Players with Overwhelming Odds
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A few players stand out as the clear favourites for the US Open. And while it may be tempting to pick them, remember that the odds are usually not in your favour. Instead, focus on finding players with good odds who you think to have a chance of winning.

  • Avoid Matchups with High Upside or Low Risk

When making your picks for the US Open, avoiding matchups with high upside or low risk is vital. These matchups can often be unpredictable, and you don’t want to waste your time or money on a long shot. Instead, focus on matchups that have a good chance of paying off.

  • Diversify Your Bets

When making your US Open picks, it’s essential to diversify your bets. This means picking a mix of players from different countries with different playing styles. By doing this, you’ll increase your chances of success.


The US Open is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, and it cannot be easy to make your picks. With these tips and tricks, you can give yourself the best chance at success.

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