PlayStation 5 Release Date

PlayStation 5 Release Date

Into on the PlayStation 5 and Release date

The PlayStation 5 is a gaming beast with all the fun factors and features. Firstly, it is powerful from the core and offers the maximum gaming strength in 2020. In fact, no other gaming consoles provide such immense gaming power at this price range. So, what makes the PlayStation 5 Release Date so affordable and a complete beast? Well, the topic will come later on but now let us speak on the PS5 features and more.

Generally speaking, this game box hosts tons of video games, and the games are available to all users. The console was initially released in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and some other Developed Countries. However, during the early hours of 19th November, the gaming console got its worldwide release.

The PS5 indeed has two main versions. They are the first, the Ultra HD Blu-ray one and the Digital version. Honestly, there is no difference between those two except the Disk reader. But in the digital one, you will find all the online collections of your games and even some free versions. 


PlayStation 5 Release Date and the Excitement

In the year 2020, probably the most exciting news is the PlayStation 5 release date. No wonder the PlayStation 5 comes with some best stunning games. In the late few months, we have seen the excitement among the people about the console’s excellent capabilities of providing a wholesome experience of a new generation, heightened immersion, and lightning-fast loading. However, this next generation of play is an absolute beast and came first in the market on 12th November. 


Moreover, the PlayStation 5 was available initially in the US, UK, Japan, Australia, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, and Mexico. Though the PS5 took place in the market in November, its pre-orders were on from September. However, in the rest of Europe, Middle East countries, South Africa, Asia, South America, and the UK, the PlayStation 5 release date was on 19th November.

PlayStation 5 Release Date, More Than Just Games

For the real gamers out there can relate the release of the PlayStation 5 is an emotion. It offers gamers more than just selected awesome games. However, the PlayStation 5 comes with two different versions: the PS5 console and the other is the PS5 Digital Edition. But, the digital edition one does not come with an optical disc drive that the console one does.

Again, both versions have a dashboard feature that delivers up to 100% overhaul from the PS4 user interface. 

PlayStation 5 Release Date Console with More Unique Features

The PlayStation 5 console is arguably the most exceptional and stylish one. Sony has constructed and sculpted this game machine, most strikingly considering all of its features and specifications. It has game boosting capabilities that will ensure smoother and faster frame rates. Again, the backward compatibility specification confirms you are playing a back catalog of PS4 games on the PS5 console.

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Then again, the PlayStation 5 console delivers the opportunity to upgrade the PlayStation 4 games to the digital PlayStation 5 games. Hopefully, this is the most exciting news for all the game publishers out there. Even for the PlayStation VR integration, you can easily rely on the PS5 console. However, its disc with 4K UHD Blu-ray makes it more exceptional than all the previous ones.


PS5 Digital Edition with Exciting Features

Being the all-digital version of the PS5 console, as we said before, this version has no disc drive. Nevertheless, this one also comes with some unique features like the PlayStation 5 console. In the PS VR and PS4 games, this digital edition also offers game boosters for enjoying faster frame rates. With the backward compatibility, this one also allows the playing of the back catalog of games from the PS4 on the PlayStation 5 digital edition. 


Additionally, you can upgrade games from digital PlayStation 4 to the games of the PS5 digital edition. Like the PS5 console, this one also arrives with the PlayStation VR integration. 

Specifications of PlayStation 5

Undoubtedly, you won’t be able to calm yourself down unless you get the PlayioStatn 5 after hearing the specifications it possesses. Importantly, this beast empowers a gaming resolution of 4K from 60 to 120 frames per second.


CPU and GPU 

It appears to include a custom 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU that offers a variable frequency of 3.5GHz. The manufacturers have also equipped it with a custom-made AMD RDNA 2 GPU 36 CPUs with 10.28 teraflops GPU power. These are specifications like the Series S and Series X.


Though the PlayStation 5 has fewer compute units, unlike the brand-new X-box consoles, its GPU has 2.23GHz, which is higher clocked. Again, it arrives with lower teraflops of GPU power than the Series X. Yet, it can manage to offer the variable frequency of GHz both with the CPU and GPU to its users.



To talk about the memory and storage of the PS5, it comes with 16 GB RAM though the storage runs low on its SSD. However, you can increase the internal storage with the external SSD of your own choice. The manufacturer has also made it with the Tempest 3D AudioTech, which is Sony’s own created feature.    


The PlayStation 5 comes with a thickness of 1.2 cm and a weight of 600g. Hence, it is heavier and thicker than the PS5 digital edition. Moreover, the 4k ultra HD Blu-ray drive inside it adds more to it. Nevertheless, both versions come in a much larger size. 


 PlayStation 5 with DualSense Controller 

PlayStation 5 comes with a massive overhaul controller, unlike the Xbox from Microsoft. Instead of the name of DualShock, the PS5 controller is called DualSense. The controller also comes in an incredible shape, whereas they have designed the buttons in the same places. With an accent light bar, the controller also includes a touch bar. Moreover, it arrives with the Pulse 3D wireless headset.


PlayStation 5 Offering Games

Numerous stunning games are coming with the PlayStation 5. The most creative game creators have contributed a lot to this PS5 with their best creations. You will find games like Final Fantasy XVI, CapCom: Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, Hogwarts Legacy (Warner Bros. Games), a new Gold of War game, Call of Duty: Black Ops-Cold war, and more in it. Moreover, there also includes some remade games, including Metal Gear Solid. 


Price and Where to Buy the PlayStation 5

The release date is the best time for buying PlayStation 5. Again, some game freaks have pre-ordered it from their nearby retailer, which is also a good idea. However, on the PlayStation 5 release date, the PS5 Digital edition was available at a price of $399.99. On the other hand, the PS5 console came at a recommended retail price of $499.99 USD. Moreover, PS5 Black Friday Deals grabbed it, and some lucky gamers might have achieved the bullseye. 

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Surprisingly, the PlayStation 5 release day stock was completely sold out. Hence, the PS5 stock is scarce. Hopefully, some leading retailers have restocked it again, but they are also on the verge of finishing. Additionally, Sony has promised to bring a massive number of PS5 consoles by the next year. Again, you can give a search on Amazon, BT, Game, Walmart, Best Buy, Argos, or Curry’s PC world to have the PlayStation 5.        


How the PlayStation 5 so affordable after its release Date

Generally speaking, the PS5 comes around at a price of just $499 and $399. However, the manufacturers couldn’t make tons of money selling these bad boys. In fact, there will lose about 50 dollars in each sale of the gaming consoles. 


So, what is the catch? Why the PS5 start at just 399? Overall, the reason is competition and Business. If you sell your stuff at a lower price (in the case of the digital version), you will sell more online games. Therefore, the net total profit of Sony will exceed over 200 dollars per year for each player. Assuming every play will buy at least 4 games per year.


And that is why the PS5 is cheaper than the components themselves.  


FAQ of PlayStation 5 Release Date

How much will a PlayStation 5 cost?

Firstly, there are two main-stream versions of PS5 in the year 2020. So, which one is best for you? If one costs 399, then the other will cost $499. But why so cheap? Well, Business, I suppose. 


Will there be PlayStation 5 Release Date?

If you are from the US, you most probably got the PS5 in on 12th November 2020. However, the gaming console is popular in this part of the world. That is the cause there is a massive need for these PlayStation game consoles. Sony will sell the digital version more than the Disk reader version. And all is just business. 


Where can I buy a PlayStation 5?

When you are trying to buy a PlayStation 5, you need to keep something in mind. And that is, everything is available online. So, if you want to buy a PS5 from the US, try Amazon, Target, etc. You can also try offline shopping as well, but they will cost similar money. 


What does the PS5 look like?

The PS5 surely looks somewhat similar to a pizza box on top of its side. Then again, its color is White and a little hit of black in the middle. In general, you will not understand the difference between the Blu-ray version and the digital version. In fact, both look pretty similar to the common spectators. 


Will PS4 games work on PS5?

PS5 has the best gaming features and components in 2020. So, all PS4 games will run smoothly on it. Sony says that it has the best gaming console for even 2021. Therefore, you will see a boost in gaming graphics and smoothness. 


Should I buy PS5 games online?

Indeed, online games are the exact replica of the original game for PS5. The digital version of the PS5 offers all the current games in 2020. So, you can surely buy the game online without having any fear. In fact, you will find better quality and graphics from it. 


Wrapping Up with the PlayStation 5 Release Date

When you are a gamer and want the topmost features in a gaming console, you need to search for two things. Its hardware and software support or power management. The PlayStation 5 release date has got a huge hike in the year 2020. Its Initial release date was 12th November 2020. However, the Worldwide release took place on 19th November. 

If you have any questions about the PS5 versions, then let us know. So, have a good day. Bye-bye. 


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