3 Reasons Why You Should Submit a Press Release

Phobia of long words

Press releases are the silent ambassador of a brand.

Want to increase brand awareness? If yes, we need press releases. They are essential for improving public relations. But, unfortunately, if nobody sees the releases, we need to work for press coverage.

We have to do the distribution so effectively that local or national newspapers pick up our press releases. Our press release will help skyrocket our business if we successfully catch the magic.

However, many websites are also there on the internet providing press release services. We can visit these sites to get the results more effectively.

In this article, we rounded up some reasons why you should submit press releases.

What is the Press release distribution?

Before diving into the reasons, let’s explore the press release distribution.

Press release distribution is a process of circulating your press releases to local/national newspapers, magazines and or news blogs.

The purpose of the press release is to provide updates on the products and services we are offering. It also updates other information like projects, partnerships, organisational structure and many more.

When we circulate our press releases to various prominent newspapers, we reach more audiences, helping us increase our brand awareness.

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But, the circulation process is not as simple as that.

We need to do it so effectively that it will provide us with on-point results.

3 Reasons for distributing Press Releases

The primary purpose of press release distribution is to land coverage in prominent media publications. Thus, building brand awareness around a wider audience. Here are three more reasons for distributing press releases or investing in a press release distribution service.

1. Boost up SEO

According to stats, more than three billion people go for Google searches every day. Using SEO tactics effectively will reach us to higher numbers from these audiences. More than that, we are also reaching out to potential customers in our industry.

Also, taking backlinks from high authority websites is another effective SEO strategy for more reach.

And distributing press releases is one of the best ways to gain those potential backlinks. It happens as our press releases will be helping us to land massive coverage on prominent news media publications.

But what happens if our press releases don’t land on these prominent publications.

We do not have to worry about anything because it will help us in positive brand mentions. In other words, increasing positive public relations.

2. Generate more sales

If we own a product-based company, the most crucial benefit of distributing press releases is generating more sales. It can significantly impact our sales even if we launch a new product.

Why is press release distribution beneficial?

It will help us showcase our products in front of potential customers. But our products should set us apart from others. If it is a busy shopping day, sales will be touching the sky. We can reach out to potential retail journalists to highlight offers to do this.

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3. Drive more local traffic to our store

Distributing press releases will provide more local audiences if our business consists of a physical store. However, if we want to measure the success of our release, we have to see how much foot local traffic is coming to our store.

It is as simple as that.

Press release distribution: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will distributing press releases aid my SEO efforts?

Yes, distributing press releases can aid our SEO efforts. It can increase the indexing of our site from Google. Also, it can maximise the ranking for specific keywords. And high ranking means more traffic.

2. How can I submit a local press release?

Local press releases are essential to reach more local customers if we have a physical store. We need to submit our releases to local newspapers and publishers to do this.

We have to give a more personal approach to distribution channels like local radios and TV stations.

3. How many words are good to add in a press release?

The ideal word count of a press release is between 300-400 words.

Wrapping up

So here we got some crucial benefits of press release distribution. However, our first-ever press release could be effective enough to start the run. Further, it will run like a snowball getting bigger and bigger from one publication to another.

We only need to keep refining our approach until we have success.

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