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android strategy games

strategy games are the oldest short of games in human history. In old time’s different board games, chess, card games were the types of strategy games android strategy games people used to play a long back before using the computer. The basic principle of the strategy game is you have to use your brains to beat the opponents. It’s a wonderful way to test yourself on how creative and mindful the skill you have. Because it involves logical, tactical, and strategic control and makes situational awareness. It also helps to take the autonomous decisions to reach a specific goal, destiny, and win the victory.

Although it also related to some luck, it develops the user decision-making capability, skills, and accurate plan. Plus these types of games also change the people’s mind, attitude and makes the people take the challenge as an opportunity. Therefore, if you win the games means you succeed in life, and if you become a failure, then you have to try to win next time. So, this is the benefit of playing strategy games. It provides entertainment as well as sharpen the brains.

About of strategy games

As we are now living in computer-based technology, we like to play all types of games on mobile, laptop and computer. Strategy games are also not apart from that. We can enjoy some of the incredible best strategy games for Android of all time and increase our deep thinking power. In Android, there is a variety of best free strategy games for Android that are available for beginner to the expert level user. You will get simple puzzle games to 3d games to pop up your imaginary power through careful planning and forethought to achieve victory.

Therefore based on functionality, popularity, and useful features here, I am going to explain the top 7 the Best android strategy games for android devices. I hope you will like each and every game as these explain historical strategy, science fiction strategy with lots of extra features to develop the strategic power in our brain.

Best android strategy games for Android

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout: best android strategy games 2020

The Escapists 2 is one of the best android strategy games for Android appear on the list. It offers the players the most freedom to strategize an epic prison escape. Once you played and start enjoying the game, we sure you will love the sequel. It has been designed in this way so that you can start in the mobile with enhanced button touch control and added additional multiplayer features of each sequel.

Because the Escapists 2 is all about on thrill and adventure of perfectly planned prison break one by one. Although there are multiple ways to break out the prison, you have to find out the shortest and effective way of escaping. Basically, the games are related to steal supplies from craft items, earn money from that, and then used in the bribe guards. In another way, craft the weapons to a straight-up prison riot. You will have specific downtime to crack the game, and in this downtime, you can train the prisoner in the gym or library to become outsmart and outruns your captors. But make sure to maintain the daily prison routine to avoid the suspension.

There is a total of five prisoners starting from the basic jail and consequently ramping up to most challenging security facilities. Here you can scheme and share with your friends over multiplayer. It is one of the coolest greatest features added to the agreement to play the Escapists 2 game.

Tropico: the best strategy games android 2019

Successfully running a whole country is hard, but if you have some guidelines or dictator. You can run anything of how to do you like it. Trico is such this type of game in a nutshell and best android strategy games for Android. Where you have the role of maintaining the EI presidency of your Caribbean island paradise and lead. Your countries people to the glorious features of country wellbeing.

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There are lots and lots of strategies involve here. Such as managing the whole aspects of people’s life and society on the island. Likewise, building a new structure, roads, trained the citizens with military bases and schools, and managing the economy by making firms and industries. Besides this, setting the worker’s daily wages and negotiating an expert deal with the other nations are also a development part of this game. After completing all the mentioned aspects, managing the policy of the island is also necessary to keep the people happy and to improve the quality of their life before they turn into a complete full-blown rebellion.

So, there are overall activities of the game, and you need to structures the property staffed, which might build better schools and bringing specialized foreign workers. With this, you also need to get regular updates from your island advisors about the issue and often require to choose a benevolent approach. The main hardline of the game is to respond, which is in charge of the island.


Thus the scope and scale of this game are really overwhelming because you need to know from where it needs to start from the tutorial, and this will guide you through menu navigation and control the camera with touchscreen control. Truly saying it needs some time to get particular with control cameras but don’t worry. Because everything will be laid out sensibly enough for mobile. So that you can easily grasp a firm touch by the end of the game.

There is a total of 15 campaigns on the island that will give it to you to complete the task. But to simply take the rule or charge of your country, you can also use sandbox mode. It will help you to see fit, as this is the best android strategy games for Android. The premium version of Tropico is also available and includes no app purchases and ads but especially great for constructor simulator fans.

Holedown: best offline strategy games for Android free download

If you are looking for the best android strategy games for Android, you can have a look at the latest game developer Martin Jonasson’sHoledown game. It’s a frantic puzzle game and a mixture of healthy dose strategy. It means this game is having a core of celestial bodies suppose starting with an asteroid and working all on the way to the sun by using bouncing balls. These bouncing balls are nothing but the ricochet off the colored blocks, and each brick has some represents to hits and destroy it. You can let the gravity and do most of the work by destroying blocks. You can also support other blocks and some other closed blocks in place, but it just be destroyed.

This game is very easy and quick to pick up and play until unless the real strategy comes in. The strategy may become curved bricks that allow you to set up tricky shots. It will also lead to clear or shot out massive sections of blocks in one go. It becomes very important when the screen moves up in one row after every shot, and if the blocks reach the top of the screen, the game is over.

So, on the way, you will collect a number of crystals that you can spend for upgrading the more balls per shot to give more and more shot per round. Although these upgrades are critical to complete but also the levels become more mindless for your subway commute. Finally, if you are a fan of physics-based complex puzzle games, then without any obsession, Holedown would be the perfect game for you.

The Battle for Polytopia: the best android strategy games Reddit

If you are the top fan of civilization franchise based the Best android strategy games for Android, then just check down The Battle for Polytopia. Because this Indie Polytopia game features have polygon tribes that are battling for controlling of the battle arena. The overall game features are very simple and turns-based gameplay. It means it’s easy and picks up a quick pick up to play. In each turn, you will collect a number of stars based on the size and the number of cities you control. Then you can start spending to upgrade tribes’ new technology trees, collecting resources, and building troops. Here you must be wise and smart enough to spend all of your resources and position that troops your turn.

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There are multiple ways to play The Battle for Polytopia. If you want to play alone or do a solo game, you can automatically create a custom game that will turn end after 30 turns. Or you can play until one tribe remains. There is also a multiplayer option, but they are rarely passed and play. It means you can share this game with multiple friends and can save it for further playing over time. If you are playing with your friends, it has all levels from easy to most difficult challenges. It also leveled as a “Creasy” level. So, when you download the game initially, you will get four tribes to the fitting for the battle, and consequently, it will increase up to six via app purchases.

XCOM: Enemy Within best mobile strategy games 2019

If you are looking for alien type the best android strategy games for Android, then XCOM would be perfect for you. This game has celebrated the turn-based strategy and makes you stopping the alien from the earth. Here you should act like an XCOM commander, and your task is to take out the controlling of troops as they set on missions to take out the aliens. Basically, it’s an enemy game within an expansion of enemy unknown and adds a new array of capabilities.

It also has weapons and upgrades to help you to encounter the alien threats. It said that this game released four years before but still remains one of the best android strategy games. Meanwhile, each time you can totally control your troops and move them into around the mission map. It requires to encounter the advancing aliens. After completing the full mission, you will head back into the XCOM HQ. Here you can upgrade the troops and unlock new abilities and opportunities based on success on the field.  It’s available for $9.99 from the Google play store which you can buy and enjoy unlimited access.

Civilization Revolution 2: best android strategy games without in-app purchases

Being one of the best android strategy games all the time Civilization revolution 2 is an updated version of Sid Meier’s epic is a turn-based game on world domination. In this game, you can act like an infamous world leader and try to build an empire by increasing basic production, building out new armies, and enquiring about your enemies. Actually, there are four ways to win the game. It’s like dominate your opponents and capturing the capitals, get an economic growth by collecting 20,000 gold, building the World Bank. The other two options are to acquire 20 converted cities and wonders by meeting great people. Building the United Nations for a famous cultural win and be the first to launch a ship into space.

Although the game has some lacking the greatest civilization but as the game is one of the best android strategy games for Android and has optimized for mobile, that won’t create a problem. It’s also has a paid version by which you can enjoy ads-free games and become greedy in-app purchases.

Mushroom Wars 2

Our last Best android strategy games for Android is Mushroom Wars 2, which is a real-time based award-winning game. It offers you controlling many tiny armies of mushroom soldiers in both online and offline battles. As it released for Android, especially, this game has beautiful graphics and gameplay. It’s very easy to learn but very challenging to become a master.

In this game, your goal will be total domination and move your troops into the map by taking over strategic mushroom huts and other structures defending against your enemy. There are four mushrooms available, and you need to keep your wits balance when troop levels and build especial skills to dominate the opponents.

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