Hawaii Stay At Home Order

hawaii stay at home order

New means something different than the previous. New means happiness, cheerfulness. All the things that bring good fortune to us. But everything has both good and bad sides. So, the word new doesn’t deny the rule. Sometimes, new means fear, sadness, misfortune, and death. As like the new decade left its impact on the whole world hawaii stay at home order.

2020 is a new decade.

People are planning to do a lot of things to make this year rememberable. But it becomes a remarkable year because of its action. A deadly virus, COVID-19, spread out all over the world. At the starting of 2020. Hawaii is the most vulnerable among the regions of the United States. 

The only effective way to keep yourself safe from this virus is to stay at home. In this circumstance, Hawaii also declared stay at home order like other regions in the world.  People have to obey the order. So that they can save themselves and their families, and others from spreading the virus.

In this article, we will discuss the Hawaii stay-home order. Let’s check-

What is the COVID-19 virus?

(COVID-19) is an infectious disease. The reason behind the spreading of the virus is still unknown to us. People infected with this virus will have breathing problems. They will experience normal to moderate respiratory illness. 

The patient generally recovers without some special treatment. But they need severe hospitalized treatment. Older people and people with medical problems may face severe problems. Diabetes, cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases can develop a severe illness because of the virus.

We need to prevent the virus and slow down its spreading.

The best way is to inform people about COVID-19. The information has to be clear. It should also be correct. It should regard how to cope up with the virus. Also, you need to stay at home. Keep a distance from the gathering of people. Protect yourself and others by washing your hands. You can use hand sanitizers frequently. You need to refrain from touching your face.

The COVID-19 virus spreads through the discharge of the nose. It can spread if an infected person coughs or sneezes. Therefore, it is crucial to practice the proper way of coughing. Cough into a clean napkin or your flexed elbow.


What is a ‘Stay at home’ order?

A ‘stay-at-home order’ defines remaining at home. Staying away from other people. In this pandemic, people should always remain at home. But, they can go out in an emergency. Like, medical care, food, or any other work. It also gets called shelter-in-place order. But, this is not the case. A ‘shelter-in-place order’ means you cannot go out for any reason. Because it is an immediate threat to life and safety. 

They say that if you do not obey a shelter-in-place order, you put your life at risk. However, if you do not follow a stay-at-home order, you will put the community at risk with yourself. Now, you can realize the importance of following the stay-at-home order. Of course, it is not easy to stay refrain from loved ones and society. But it is necessary to disconnect from the outer world. Staying safe is more important than socializing nowadays. 


Stay-at-home order at Lanai, Hawaii

Firstly, on the island of Lanai, Hawaii’s Governor imposed a stay-at-home order. They also put travel restrictions on the beautiful island. Because of the outbreak of Coronavirus, the Government passed the order. According to that, residents and visitors received orders to remain at home. They should remain wherever they are staying. They can go out for purposes such as grocery shopping or medicine purchasing is exceptional.  

Lanai is the smallest and most beautiful island in Hawaii. It is nine miles from Maui. It is called the luxury vacation world, formally known as ‘Pineapple Isle.’ The island is under the restriction of going out of the home. If anyone arrives on the island, he or she must stay quarantined. They have to stay like that for 14 days.

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Two five-star hotels, the 213-room seaside Four Seasons Resort and the 96-room Sensei Lanai got closed during COVID-19. A Four Seasons Resort, formerly known as the Lodge at Koele.

After closing, they also reopened to visitors after some time.

Still, their websites showing this message. ‘They are currently closed but accepting reservations for stays from November 10, 2020, onward.’ The resort requested all the guests to return home or move to other islands before closing. They also confirmed that the resort was vacant and closed. The Mayor of the County of Maui, Michael Victorino, said the order might remain for two weeks. But have chances to extend if the number of death cases keeps rising on Lanai.

The state Department of Health reported 79 cases of Coronavirus infections till October 2020. But the officials predicted the number of patients and deaths might rise. However, Lanai had not reported any Coronavirus cases before October. On the other hand, Straub Medical Center in Honolulu and the Hawaii National Guard decided to send help. So that they can help with the testing of COVID-19. 

Social distancing seemed a significant challenge towards the Government.

That’s why the stay-at-home order is to be followed strictly. It is essential to slow the widespread of the virus from the most crowded places. 

The Mayor also described the scene in a good way. Suppose one person gets sick in the community and doesn’t follow the stay-at-home order correctly. The virus will transmit very quickly throughout the community. Sick people go to the same churches as ordinary people. They don’t wear masks as they should. We are trying to control them because they are harming our community. But they think this is not very important. However, we are doing our best to educate them about the virus and its deadly effects.

In most cases, the Coronavirus causes mild to moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. They appear to clear up in two to three weeks. And there are death cases where they could find out no symptoms of Coronavirus. So, staying at home and social distancing are essential precautions. Some old people with health problems have more chances to get affected. They can face more severe illnesses, including pneumonia and death.


Stay-at-home order at Oahu, Hawaii

In Honolulu, the stay-at-home order for Oahu resulted effectively. As part of dramatic action adopted by the Government to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. The order started at 12:01 a.m. in August 2020. The stay-at-home order lasted for two weeks primarily. 

Governor David Ige signed the order on Wednesday. He described it to be as similar to the one order issued in March. The order includes-

permission for essential businesses to stay open, which provides child care and educational services, health care, and different organizations. The non-essential businesses are retailers, personal services like salons, barbershops, gyms, etc.

In the case of restaurants, takeout or home delivery is allowed. 

  • Beaches and parks will also remain closed.
  • Religious services are also allowed to continue. 

But businesses that are not considered necessary will have to stay close.

The order took time to execute. So, it had already been three weeks after bars were shut down on Oahu. When the order came out. And also, the state and city shut down all beaches and parks two weeks before the order. The authorities called the action a scalpel approach. But the Governor said these strategic actions didn’t work. He said that he undertook drastic measures, and they had a massive impact on business. The business field had to experience a lot. He also added that the Government donated $25 million to a business relief program to run the businesses. As a result, they can survive in this challenging situation. 

After the shop shut down, hairstylist Dayna Okuma at The Style Loft was desperate to accommodate as many customers as possible. Before the order became mandatory to follow. She said that running a business to total shut down is not easy. It was like a roller coaster for all. 

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She was quite worried. Because the shut down of business and stay-at-home order will not confine just within two weeks. It would continue more or for a lifetime. Some business owners were upset hearing the order. Others were trying to be positive and believe in the Government’s decision. 

Governor David Ige joined a news conference after announcing the order.

He said that they essentially needed the stay-at-home order. Because daily cases of Coronavirus infection were increasing drastically. And the triple-digit increase number of cases was genuinely alarming. If they had not taken the proper action, the situation would become worse and out of control. 

Raising Coronavirus cases put stress on the island’s healthcare system. He also added that Oahu needed to re-implement the stay-at-home order thoughtfully and adequately. However, there was confusion. It was about why the Governor waited at least 24 hours to announce the order when he already signed it. 

After some days, the Governor also declared that the stay-at-home order would not impact the Neighbor Islands. Also added, the order might hurt everyone and his or her family but would also help to save millions of lives. 

Authorities of Oahu said the additional 60,000 coronavirus tests would allow testing those in at-risk populations in a comprehensive manner. The risk zone population includes-

  • First responders, 

  • Pacific Islanders and 
  • those in public housing. 

Oahu reopens Parks and beaches for individual activities. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell extended Oahu’s stay-at-home order for some more time. Two more weeks after September. But surprisingly, reopened parks and beaches for only personal activities. Whatever the new order was, the non-essential businesses remain closed until they declared the opening order. Continual of any social gatherings to be banned throughout the stay-at-home order period.

At a news conference, reopening of the parks, beaches in Caldwell were not social gatherings. It was a positive step toward a future cautious reopening. Some particular activities like walking, jogging, sunbathing and lounging, and fishing was permissible in the parks and beaches. 

But Caldwell said Oahu needed to see a sustained decline in new infections before the stay-at-home order was little flexible. There were 66 new cases reported statewide before the reopening announcement. It was the lowest daily count since August. Of course, it was great news. 

Oahu was recovering from losses.

Controlling the Coronavirus effect on people. However, the seven-day average for new infections in Hawaii was about 213. There were 6,800 cases can be found statewide. But the issues were in the path of declination. 

The Mayor also concluded that the reopening program for the second time should not be a golden opportunity. It will not turn into a chance for the massive attack of Coronavirus. People have to be more and more careful than before. All types of beach and park activities should be performed individually. We have to perform them without making social gatherings. But without necessary reasons, staying at home is all the way more preferable. 


Conclusion of hawaii stay at home order

Coronavirus has changed our life and daily activities. And we can do nothing to eliminate it from the world. Because the virus is changing its characteristics frequently. So, the doctors and scientists struggle to find a cure. So, you can imagine the horror of the virus around the world. Also, daily cases of deaths of Corona patients are unimaginable. In this case, the only way to stop spreading the virus from one person to a whole community is to stay home until the situation gets normal. 

Hawaii is an island, consists of many small islands. The spread of Coronavirus didn’t leave the beautiful island too. Though a few numbers of COVID-19 cases, Hawaii was in danger. It was not easy to control the spreading from one island to the other. But the Hawaii government did a great job. By taking small steps, the effect of the virus is under control. Hawaii invested a lot to sustain the economy and tourism hand in hand. The mass people also helped in the Government’s actions. They enthusiastically supported the stay-at-home order. Let’s hope for the best for Hawaii. 


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