new super mario bros ds rom

Introduction of new super mario bros ds rom

The new Super Mario Bros is an amazing game brought out by the Nintendo DS and part of the subseries Super Mario. It was immensely popular when online gaming was taking baby footsteps. Now the with New Super Mario Bros DS ROM becoming a series of its own, the players can have more fun than ever with this game.

About the game of new super mario bros ds rom

The game takes on from where it left, and our protagonist Mario has to battle his way pas the Bowser’s henchmen to release Princess Peach. With the new version, Mario is better equipped with several powerups that include the

  • super mushroom- allows Mario to grow in size
  • Fire flower- allows Mario to throw fireballs at the enemies
  • The starman- allows Mario to be temporarily invincible

The new version has three more fantastic powers for Mario to rely on when he tries to save Princess Peach. And finish his mission faster with the help of

  • Blue Koopa shell- shield himself from the enemy attack and also perform a shell dash attack as well
  • Mega mushroom- Mario can grow into an incredible size
  • Mini mushroom- helps Mario to become very small

All these and more to complete his quest successfully through the 80 levels of play in the New Super Mario Bros DS ROM.

The New Super Mario Bros DS ROM has received critical acclaim from not only the players but even the die-hard fans of the previous subseries fans as well. The improvements made have garnered positive reviews. Because it has stayed true to the simplicity of the previous Mario game and does have a lot in common as well. It became the best selling game in no time after its release. The game has several sequels now to its credit.

How to download the new super mario bros ds rom

To play the new version of the New Super Mario Bros DS ROM, you would have to download it. This game was intended for the Nintendo console. The following information can help you

  • The file size is 10MB with Nintendo DS console used as a download emulator. You would download it on your desktop or Mac. Without the Nintendo ds emulator, you wouldn’t be able to run this on your ROM
  • The download happens when you click the Rom from the mentioned link
  • You would have to open your emulator and add the downloaded file

How to use the New Super Mario Bros DS ROM

Using the keyboard, you can move around your character by using the arrows, Alt/Option(Mac). If you want to speed up the talk select an option shift/Alt/Option (Mac)

How New Super Mario Bros DS ROM is played

The game is 2D, but you will find that the characters and objects in the New Super Mario Bros DS ROM happen to be in 3D polygonal rendering. The combo of this would give the player of 2.5D effect because of the 2D background and the rest all in 3D.

The player has the option of choosing Mario as the protagonist to play the game or his brother Luigi. The mission of the game would include

  • Collect coins
  • Stomp on enemies
  • Break open blocks

The moves that Mario or Luigi can take are repeated from the previous version. Hence it wouldn’t be difficult for the player to pick up and easily move on in the quest

  • Ground pound
  • Triple jump
  • Wall jump
  • Speed dash

Even some of the antagonists of the previous game are repeated, such as Boos.

What to look forward to

There are eight worlds with ten levels each. Which the player gets to view at the touchscreen world map at the bottom of the game and can reference at any point in the New Super Mario Bros DS ROM. The current location pops up on this map. It gives the player the concept of how to navigate through the worlds mentioned in the game. The mission of each level gets completed by the player when he/ she can reach the black flag.

In each world, there is a boss, and before the player can commence their quest to the next. They have to defeat the boss before proceeding further.

In the New Mario Super DS Rom,

the player gets six powerups and store an extra powerup when using up one during the quest. This feature was borrowed from the Super Mario World and the other three from Super Mario Bros.

The game now comes in a multi-player mode, and two players are pitted against each other. They would represent either Mario or Luigi out of the five stages of the game. The quest initially begins with the player who can get his hand first at the preset number of stars. There can be attacks made at each other when trying to get hold of each other’s stars. To get the star, one of the players has to jump on the other for him to release the star.

There are 18 mini-games for single players as a part of add on ten mini-games which allows multi-players to try out. These games are independent of the storyline and distinct for each character because they are game in itself, and you can just play these mini-games all day long as well.

It is an excellent inclusion from the previous series with more such games added, multiplies the fun of the New Super Mario Bros DS ROM game, which includes

  • Action- five mini-games
  • Puzzle- five mini-games
  • Table- three mini-games
  • Variety

You can check the balloon racing which is a hot favourite among the players. There are action and fight games that you can pick and play. The puzzle games are more testing on the prowess of the brain and time utilization by taking the right action. The table games consist of using the cards which may involve gambling or memory matches. The variety of games don’t come under a specific category, they are of all types but equally fun and enjoyable. Among all the above types of mini-games, the player has the option of playing five mini-games during the actual game viz. if you are playing the multi-player version, they can play a total of ten distinct mini-games, five each for both the players.

  • Mario’s Slides
  • Sort or Splode
  • Bounce and Trounce
  • Bob-Omb Squad
  • Trampoline Time

What the new version has to offer

The players can look forward to more detailed animations for the

  • Characters
  • Enemies
  • Objects

The game’s camera also is made more dynamic to provide visual cues to the player.

  • Like landing on tree properly or may fall off if he stood stationary for long on it
  • Swinging on ropes and walking on wires, all need deftness, which the player has to manage.

The new version of New Super Mario Bros DS ROM has voice acting, and different people are voicing their parts with original music. That includes the central theme for the regular levels of the game.

The music is an integral part of the game as it comes on

  • When enemies jump and dance
  • Predicting enemy movements which help the players to time their movements too and reach the inaccessible frontiers

Knowing about the secret challenge in the New Super Mario Bros DS ROM!

But wait a minute you have to reach out to the world map that will give you the secret challenge mode that you have to undertake as a player and emerge, winner.

This challenge consists of revisiting some of the better levels of the New Super Mario Bros DS ROM, wherein you have to activate the challenge mode. The only thing that you have done previously can be applied here is a forced scroll, which allows you to move right and left.

Here is the catch to this

  • You cannot take your time
  • Cannot backtrack anymore
  • Will not have time to practice a jump over and over again
  • One chance in the entire level

This mode seems complicated, but when you are pro at playing Mario, you could try your hand at this and perhaps succeed as well. You could access the challenge mode after completing the game by going back to the start menu.

The challenge mode doesn’t allow the player to scroll the screen backward in some of the block locations. The player will now have to move in all directions to fulfill the challenge.

Unlocking the secret challenge

Now we can go on to unlock the step by step secret challenge mode on the New Super Mario Bros DS Rom

  • You would have to load the file after completing the last level of the game that would be getting rid of the boss.
  • When you open the challenge to play, you could pause the map by pressing the START option given in the menu on your screen.
  • In the pause screen, you can press the following characters on the keyboard
  • If you happen to type in the letters correctly, the player will receive a message welcoming you to the secret challenge.
  • Once you enter the challenge, you can begin to play and enjoy it much more because of the complexities of the challenge.


The new game is an interesting one with some things new yet remaining true to the original. Players who were big fans of the original version will not be disappointed. Some new features add a bit of anticipation to the already exciting game. The secret new challenge makes up for the lack of complexity in the new version, as some gaming critics tend to point out. It is already soaring on the popularity charts and is a formidable game for online players.



  • Is there a secret challenge in other Super Mario Games?


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Ans: No, you would only find the secret challenge in the New Super Mario DS game.


  • After typing in the letters given to open the challenge, if it doesn’t work?


Ans: If you find that after putting the code or the mentioned letters to start, the challenge doesn’t work. It just suggests that you haven’t been able to complete the last level, 8. You can go back and finish it and get back to work on the challenge level. All the best!


  • Will this challenge work when using an emulator?


Ans: Using an emulator for not allow you to go for the secret challenge, as this challenge has been written solely for the original game.


  • How to play this challenge?


Ans: In this challenge, the player will not be allowed to scroll the screen back except for some levels, such as the 3-ghost house wherein you may have to backtrack to be able to beat them. There may be partial or no effect of the scroll back option on some levels of the game.


  • Can I get to play different characters in challenge mode?


Ans. This game allows the players to be either Mario or Luigi by using the character codes specified for each. So in a way, you can play different characters. Perhaps in the actual game, if you had been Mario, you can choose to Luigi this time around or vice versa.


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