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Best Space Games for PC

Days are gone when people used to think that games are only for kids. From kids to adults and even more senior people are interested in games these days. They get their leisure perfect with games. From mobile games to PC games, this generation is fond of games.

There are thousands of games but not all games have made the gamers freak. We will talk about 15 best PC Space games that have rocked the stage till now! Let us begin!

Master of Orion 1+2

Gamers who are fond of Space games have heard about this for sure. This game was released in the middle of 1993 and still is o the top list of space games. In was based on the Sid Meier’s CIVILIZATION. Master of Orion uses this concept of Sid and works on adding a galaxy of planets here.

The game is driven with technological advancement along with colonialism. You can tell that this is one of its kinds and it nailed diplomacy. After the first part went well, the sequel was launched too. The second part went better than the first one. Popular as MOO, this space game this game set a mark for the new games in the future.

Elite Dangerous

After 30 years of the Elite Series, the Elite Dangerous was launched as a space game with full of enthusiasm. It had already been in the alpha and beta format and then we always knew that it has been played quite a thousand times. There were no questions that it was going to be a hit space game.

In this game, the entire galaxy is your playing field. The setting of this game is situated in the Milky Way. The galaxy is full of space anomalies and spaceships. Along with these, you will get black holes and gargantuan sun to stop you from surviving. The Elite Dangerous Mods are great and players can go for voice commands. For better control, go for the reviewed specific Elite Dangerous Controllers that can make you lucky in the game!

Endless Space 2

If you talk in general, you will definitely say that it is very to see such wars in the interplay of systems in this sort of strategy games. In this game, we see a clash of borders and then there starts a war. The makers of this game do not bother about the story rather they are seen putting stuffed science fiction in the game.

You will get to see living crystals along with little dragons. Millions of clones of bloke will also emerge along with recycles war machines. You will get to see the amazing large ships to float in a dramatic way with the help of the 3-Dimensional battle engine.

Eve Valkyrie

The argumentative dog-fighting stimulation game was handed over to Mirror’s Edge producer named Owen O’Brien to create something new. You will get to see a thousand touches of animation and art along with the incredible sound.

The best part of this game is it can capture the space which the users usually don’t see in the regular games. You will surely get the sense of steering a rubber duck by Amarr Titan! You can never be unaware of the fact that you are just a little away from the unforgiving void.

FTL: Faster than Light

Space can be very much dangerous and it has the ability to destroy you entirely. This is the feeling that you will get to know with this FTL space game. The enemy fleet will get near after every diversion you explore. No matter how much away you stay from them death will stay surrounding you!

You will see the new world, new races, and ships that are not lockable too. Random vicious encounters will emerge and terrify you. Anything can go wrong anytime in this game. No matter how much you are fighting to survive, sometimes, luck will not support you here in this case.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition

The LucasArts have gone and you can have an argument on its vanishing so fast but you can never get it back. Yes, this is the sad part of course. And here comes the Star Wars: TIE Fighter which is the sequel to the X-Wing. The predecessor of this game was incredible but this game has much more.

You will be able to go for Imperial and also can play the Devil! And yes, it is more fun! This is not the sort of arcade space shooting game. This is basically a space game where you will see complexity but you will never get disappointed with the control. Here, surviving ever second is a competition.

Star Trek Online

From movies to games, Star Trek is seen to be one of the most popular factors. If you love Star Trek then, unfortunately, you may not like Star Trek Online so much. But if you are a fan of Star Trek and you as a game lover want to hang out, select this one!

You can go for regular episode mission along with bringing down the stubborn NPC vessels. You can manage the power level and you can also have power over the shields.

We picked these games as the best space games because they are loved by you. Not only these, other space games like Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, Distant Worlds: Universe, Mass Effect 2, Homeworld Remastered Collection, The Ur-Quan Masters endless Space 2, etc are also popular for providing thrilling experiences.

Let us know if you want to get a review on them or not?

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