Top Slot Games Developers in 2020

Slot Games Developers

There are many different slots developers creating new and exciting slot games for us to play on every single week.  But there are some slot games developers that are more highly thought of than others and some whose games are highly anticipated more so than their competitors.

These can include developers like NetEnt, Microgaming and Red Tiger. Let’s find out more about these games developer giants to see if we can work out why players love their slots games so much – click to play.

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NetEnt are one of the most successful games developers in the world and take true pride in what they do.  They thrive on staying ahead of their competitors to ensure that they provide their players with the latest games possible in the quickest and best way.

Their team is highly developed and they strive to be able to create personalised solutions for as many of their gamers as possible.  They may not be one of the biggest games development companies but they have certainly caused quite a stir in the online gaming world in the short five years since they appeared on the scene. 


Another giant of the gaming world is Microgaming and they have well over 500 games within their portfolio now, some of which are even branded.  They are incredibly highly thought of as a games development company, to the degree where over 100 other developers have partnered up with them so that they can create even more impressive games together.  They love to be able to release games that can be accessed and enjoyed on multiple different devices, such as desktops, mobiles and tablets, so they are highly accessible to gamers in any location. 

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They are attractive to gamers because they have such huge available jackpots, high-end graphics and there are many different slots games being released by Microgaming every single month.  You never know what’s next with Microgaming but that’s part of the attraction for the gamers! 

Red Tiger

Though they may not be one of the largest companies in their physical size, Red Tiger have certainly created an impressive name for themselves in the online gaming world since they were founded in 2014.  They have had such great success in such a short period of time due to the team behind the scenes which is made out of long-standing online gaming veterans with amazing profiles. They are now one of the most popular games developers in both Asia and Europe. 

Everything required to be able to make the perfect slots game can happen in-house at Red Tiger so the continuity of the games is flawless.  They are highly dedicated to providing the best gaming experience for every player, striving for their games to be, not only fun, but returned to over and over again.  Collaborating well, the team at Red Tiger seem to have found an amazing combination that works so well to provide the ultimate gaming experience for players on every slots game they release.

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