Why traders prefer using iOS over Android

traders prefer using iOS over Android

The battle of the two leading smartphone platforms – iOS vs Android – goes on. While both companies continue to offer the best service possible in order to attract as many customers as they can, some forex traders are facing the dilemma to choose the best option to maximize their gains. One of the most convenient factors about forex is that traders have the opportunity to use either desktop or smartphone devices in the trading process but if they choose to use a smartphone, then it always comes to the difficult decision of whether to use iOS or Android for conducting effective trade. Here are reasons Why traders prefer using iOS over Android.

Although some trading applications are only available for Android users, currently most of the traders prefer using iOS over Android because of the increased number of advantages. But the real question is whether these advantages are real advantages. Usually, the answer to the question of why iOS applications are more advantageous for the trading process then Android apps can go just like this: “the iOS interface is easier to navigate”, “it’s easier for the beginners” or “ updates come more quickly”, or even just stating that the platform is more beautiful.

However, there are some actual reasons as well why iOS could be better for forex traders. In this article, we will explain the advantages of using iOS applications in the trading process over Android. You may be thinking that it’s only a matter of taste and Apple platforms are no more advantageous as they have alternatives in Android, but after reading the article probably you won’t think like that again. 

Why should you choose iOS trading apps?

Although Android is a real leader on the market with a number of users, most of the developers of trading apps prefer to work with the iOS system and this greeted interest in iOS actually has some reasonable causes. The list of trading applications today is so large which makes navigating through them even harder. You can read some interesting reviews about top trading apps for Apple users and find out why iOS applications like Stocks & Forex Trading Game, Bloomberg, and The Forex Hours are considered the best options for trading forex, but before that, it’s better to understand the general advantages of using Apple in the foreign exchange market instead of Android. 

  • iOS is more secure

The first thing that makes iOS apps more convenient is its security. While Android provides users with a lot more freedom, iOS offers them guaranteed security which is more important for fx traders. Usually, the first thing experienced forex trackers care about is to trade safely on the internet because today more and more scammer brokers are making accounts. There are a great number of cases of fraud in the forex trading industry and this is why everybody is worried about safety. If you don’t pay attention you may not only get deceived and lose money but also you may end up losing your personal information. Indeed, identity thefts are quite common in the fx industry today. 

While stealing important information from Android devices happens so often, malicious content on iOS is less common. Actually, it’s one of the main advantages of Apple to be much safer than Android phones and this is why traders usually prefer downloading apps on iOS. 

  • Apps are first released on iOS platforms 

The success of fx trading often depends on speed. Traders need to be aware of the new applications in order not to lose the track of current trends of the market. This could be another reason why they prefer Apple over Android because most of the applications are usually released on the iOS platform first. The reason for this is a little bit strange. In fact, as statistics show most of the app developers prefer iOS platforms and as a result, they have a tendency to create iOS versions of newly released apps first and only after they start thinking about making Android versions. This probably has some certain reasons but the fact that Android-users usually spend less money on apps is one of the key reasons for such kind of statistics. 

  • Less unnecessary features with iOS

Focus on the key features is really important in the trading process. There are so many things to pay attention to, like choosing the right broker, trading in the right currency pair, the volatility of currencies, and many more, and no wonder why traders prefer to spend as less time on irrelevant things like app features, as possible. They try to choose the most convenient applications to trade effectively and this is why they prefer Apple platforms. 

Of course, iPhones also have so many useless features like the Newsstand icon that you can’t move anywhere but Android smartphones have tons of such features which make the trading process pretty hard. Forex trading is a process that needs to be treated carefully but focusing on every single detail and sharing attention on so many things can be difficult. Therefore easier apps are more attractive for forex traders and most of the apps released by iOS are considered simpler compared to Android. 

  • Is iOS easier to use?

After so many other advantages, then always comes the subject of simplicity. As we already mentioned, many iOS users say that the reason why they prefer Apple is its ease. Traders like a simple thing. Actually, that’s why they trade forex  – it’s an easy way to make money online. There are tons of other ways of earning money but they choose forex because the platform is easy to use. Just like this, they prefer easy devices. And Apple devices feel very familiar to users as they have the same interface and once a trader starts to use iOS, it’s easy to navigate through iPhones, Macs, iPads, or iPods. Unlike this, with Android, it’s more difficult for Android users it sometimes takes more effort to get used to the new updates and navigate through the platform. 

Bottom Line

Finally, we can say that trading with iOS apps is actually more convenient, not to say anything about other benefits that we discussed. However, you can also find articles on the internet where Android-users are stating otherwise. This means that it’s only about the taste. Both iOS and Android have certain advantages and disadvantages. While surveys prove that the majority of traders prefer iOS, it doesn’t necessarily mean that individual traders can’t find Android apps more convenient. While there is an actual difference between the devices, the apps don’t really differ from each other. So, it’s up to you and your taste to choose between them in order to trade successfully.

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