WoW Classic Leveling Guide

wow classic leveling guide

Introducing WoW classic leveling guide

WoW classic leveling guide is a popular video game. Besides, the operating system should be Microsoft Windows or macOS. This game has a maximum of 60 levels. Moreover, the expansion content is not present. The novel version of this game has replicated gameplay mechanics. However, this game has a total of eight unique races. Therefore, the players can select from them. 

Players become nostalgic about this terrible game. However, it kills a lot of time to finish. An ordinary or average player will need a minimum of six to seven days to complete its sixty levels. However, people will say that seven days are not very much time. But, if you want to finish it, you have to give full time for this game. Therefore, you cannot get enough time for other purposes. So, the players need a perfect WOW classic leveling guide. 

WoW classic leveling guide – Common Tips

People have a desire to learn about the best way or race of playing for all of the classes. Each of them has varied racial benefits for helping them in general situations. Most importantly, people should follow one important thing. They must choose a race that most resonates with them. They will start and will watch this character. Therefore, other players will know you by the face of this character. However, it will continue up to level 60. 

Besides, weapons must have physical damage. Therefore, the players should be alert about it as they are the most significant stats. After 5 seconds of the conclusion of a spell cast, mana regenerates. There are no effects on auto-attacks and wands. They do not delay the regeneration. Both of them are for speed. We can use them to escape from burning. You have to dump together all the mana.

You have to do it before the regeneration. There may be a temptation to spam as the most destructive skills to destroy the mobs. However, this is not wise in general. The spell pushback and the mana efficacy are key mechanics. To level up several characters, it is the best suggestion to recycle some objects like bags. Therefore, the lower level will have to do more work. It will help the main character to work hard. 

WoW classic leveling guide – Leveling Tips.

There are various leveling tips for WoW classic. In this paragraph, we will discuss some of them.

  • Grinding is always better than questing as a basis of knowledge. Running around the enemies is not good. For a better battle, you have to kill all enemies. 
  • Moreover, if your target is to finish fast, you should continue to kill things at your movement. This way will help you with multitasking. 
  • Without training, you cannot pick up the weapons. Moreover, you also will not be able to swing weapons like a professional. There are places for training in central cities. You have to train there. When you go for a battle, you have to follow some rules. You should not fight against any enemy with a similar level. Moreover, if you fight against them, you should not use a weapon that you never used before. It is better to upgrade your skill on enemies at a lower level.
  • Generally, most of the classes prefer to kill orange mobs. Sometimes, they also kill the red mobs. However, this process is not fast and easy. Most classes feel comfortable killing the yellow mobs. If you kill the green mobs, they will move on. 
  • Finally, the spirit is excellent when you do level. This is because of the downtime reduction. 
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WoW classic leveling guide – Combat Tips

There are different combat tips for WoW classic. In this paragraph, we will discuss some of them.

  • Firstly, no one can consequently lineup for dungeons. Moreover, you cannot use locators to find out groups in WoW classic. You have to find out a route to escape in the dangerous area. You have to keep the focus on your background. Therefore, you will not face any sudden and unintentional adversity. 
  • Secondly, you have to know about the qualities and weaknesses of your class. Allow it to order the progress of the battle. A rough cannot take as much stronger enemies like Druids and hunters. You should not try to get very risky. Otherwise, you have to invest more energy in your body. 
  • Finally, according to your class, you should watch out for the monsters. You have to finish them all before you plan for the next force. One must not waste the combo points for a major attack on the enemies with a finishing lifespan. You have to use these points for other enemies. 


WoW classic leveling guide to level up fast

An add-on can bring a dramatic change if you want a speed at your leveling time. Generally, Classic does not inform about the game. It will not tell you about the items that you have to pick up. Moreover, it will not tell you which monster you have to kill. You can read the text of the quest to get directions.

You can use your map to decode it. It is not hard to install add-ons. You have to download an app whose name is Twitch. Then you should change the game version. After that, you can search for add-ons that you need to use. 

In WoW Classic, there are some classes. Each of them exists with relish quests. However, the quests do not exist only for wisdom. They provide exclusive skills. Sometimes you will get a quest specified by a class. However, you do not need to do this instantly. When you get your groove, the quests will remove them.

Very often, this thing is normal. You will get some ability, and it will speed up your level. However, it is not similar to other types of class. Some of the quests would be easy. Again, you have to work a lot for some of them. 


WoW classic leveling guide- best Classic WoW Dungeons

Firstly, leveling is time-consuming. Besides, it is a slow and lengthy process. It is also boring. You have to boost up the level by dungeons. Some of the Classic WoW dungeons are best; some are worst. The best dungeons are here,


Some peculiar characters and subjects will welcome you during your visit to deadlines. They are basically weird goblin machine, pirates, caves, and thieves. Then again, the dungeon has a direct layout. 

However, there are also some creative touches. These touches keep the players busy.

Scarlet Monastery

The first dungeon of WoW classic is the scarlet monastery. The players get a flavor of higher levels by this dungeon. Moreover, this place is massive and full of fantastic items. Besides, it has four disreputable sections. Each of the units has a boss, theme, and unique level.


Blackrock Depths

There is a debate on whether this level is the most giant and challenging dungeon or not. This dungeon is also very confusing. You have to travel a whole confusing city here. Moreover, it has a massive diversity of quests. Therefore, you would find a very long chain of the quest for the release of the princess. The Blackrock depths make the players sick of it. However, it kills much time for them. 

Shadowfang Keep

This dungeon is Classic in its vintage characteristic. Different types of quests are available in this dungeon. Moreover, they contain some exciting rewards and is a portion of some lengthy chains. Besides, it has blue drops, which have made this dungeon famous.

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WoW classic leveling guide- worst Classic WoW Dungeons

Dungeons in WoW classic are the best way to boost up the experience. Moreover, this process will help you to get rid of the insanity of searching. Some of the Classic WoW dungeons are best; some are worst. The worst dungeons are here,


Three Maruadons are available. Some of them are hateful. However, among them, Princess Island is a famous place here. Most of the portion of this place is water and has a green view. Moreover, it is the opposition of faceless caves and winding.  

Wailing Caverns

This dungeon is located in the Horde region. However, it is open for both of the factions. The place of its location is open and very easy to enter. Moreover, a wide range of quests is obtainable in this region. Some sections of it have good plans. However, most of them are unfinished and austere. Therefore, this look makes a player upset. 


This dungeon always takes place on any list. However, players will not find much gear here. Moreover, its design is boring and has a spectrum of blue and yellow colors. 

Therefore, it is not incentive enough to attract the player. It also has less number of quests. Besides, this dungeon is deep in the Alliance Region. 

Sunken Temple

This dungeon is not very prominent because of its awkward location. It is nothing except what its name implies. However, this dungeon tries very hard. But it becomes needless and complicated. This dungeon looks the same at every corner.  

WoW classic leveling guide – top places to level 

Classic WoW has negative fame for its painful pause in questing. So players need some good concepts about places between the infamous levels before they sign out. 


This place can maintain a balance in leveling the characters. Moreover, in this area, the players can find leather, minerals, and herbs in the hilly area. Besides, this place is available from 40 to 50 levels.  


This area looks like a place with nothing. But, vast works have to do here. The expert players can know what to do here. Moreover, some professions can arrange a house for their trainers. They can search in the central city. Furthermore, you can find this place from 45 to 55 levels.  


There are some unfinished regions in Classic WoW. Azshara is one of them. However, this area is full of resources. It is available from 45 to 55 levels.  

Searing Gorge 

Players clear a path towards Blackrock Mountain during working through this place. However, it does not have a vast quantity of quests. But the available quests are long and challenging. This area is famous for blacksmiths and miners. In Classic WoW, this region occupies the five most dishonorable dungeons. Besides, this zone is accessible from 45 to 50 levels.  


The players can consider this place best to level. However, it is not a very pretty place. Besides, it is popular as a route for herb-farming. This sector is open at 48 to 55 levels. 

Wrapping up with WoW classic leveling guide

WoW Classic makes you nostalgic, and it is very terrible. Moreover, it is very time-consuming. Therefore, an average player will need about seven days to be the winner. However, playing for seven days is not very hard. But, it is not worth to play for seven days instead of other activities. Because full seven days means 168 hours, you should get an extra monitor during playing. It is not good if you go and burn yourself. 

This game is like a marathon. It is not like a sprint. Therefore, you can watch TV while playing this game. You need to follow the above rules and processes if you need a fast level up. This article focuses on helping both novice and experienced players. 


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