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Kiran Digest

Kiran Digest is the Most Popular and famous magazine in Pakistan. It Published Urdu Novels, Latest Urdu Short Stories, and many Episodic Serial Novels. It contains the latest model interviews.

Kiran Digest is basically not only famous in Pakistan, but people from all around the world also read this digest. People from USA, UAE, Saudia Arabia, India, and many Asian countries like to read this Digest.
It is the Monthly digest that is published on every 15th of the month. It comes into the market after the 10th date. Every digest has its own fixed date of publishing. Every Digest comes into its own date.

Kiran Digest contains the love Stories between the couples. It contains the latest Urdu Novels and Books that are published by different publishers.

Many Famous Authors are working on Kiran Digest. They write amazing stories and Novels for this Digest. Many publishers write short stories and others write Novels.

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Kiran Digest Interviews

Kiran Digest contains the latest Interviews which the readers like the most. The readers are always waiting for the interviews. This digest takes the famous peoples interview and published it on its digest.

This Digest always takes the writers interview. So that the reader can know the writers easily. The writers share their thoughts and feelings in their interviews.

The July Kiran Digest Contains the interviews are as follows:

  • Alshad Farooqi by Shaheen Rasheed
  • Meri Bhi Suniey by Shaheen Khan
  • Awaz ki Duniya by Naila Bilal
  • Muqabla ha Aeina by Gulshan Choudhary

These interviews are specially written by famous writers who write a lot of interesting and amazing stories in this Digest.

Besides these interviews, They also published Hammad and Naat in their digest.

Kiran Digest Novels

Kiran Digest contains the latest Urdu Novels that are published on a monthly basis. Many famous writers write Urdu Novels for this digest.

There are different types of Novels published in Kiran Digest. Some Novels come in episode wise and some come into complete. In every digest, there must be two and three novels that are published in Serial wise. Writers write episodic novels on a monthly basis.

Serial Novels

Kiran Digest contains the latest Serial Novels that are available in two or three. Most of the readers await of this digest due to these interesting serial novels that come on a monthly basis.

The July Digest Contains the Serial Novels are as follows:

  • Huawein Rukh Badal Gaein by Nighat Abdullah
  • Shab-e-Nam ki Saher by Rukh Choudhary

Complete Urdu Novels

This Digest also contains the Complete and Interesting Urdu Novels that contains the Full Stories of the digests. This is the longest portion of the digest. The novels contain complete and full stories.

The July Kiran Digest Contains the Novels are as follows:

  • Sagar Kinary Novel by Ume Taifoor
  • Sham ky Dhund Laky by Qurat-ul-Aen Sikandar
  • Sham Rang-e-Siah by Aemal Raza
  • Ek Mehrban ho by Nida Husnain
  • Mann ky Moti by Sidra Hiyat

Besides these Novels, there is also contain the Afsasny. This afasanay are available in this digest. These are also called Short Stories. Many users like these stories. The loves to read these short stories. These Short stories consist of two or three pages.

Some Short Stories contained in Kiran July are as follows:

  • Kahani Ghar Ghar ki by Zeest Fatima
  • Pehla Jhonka by Humera Aroosh
  • Neela Sitara by Umat-ul-Matali


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