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PUBG Mobile Apk

PUBG Mobile APK + DATA Latest v0.8.0 Free On Android

PUBG android

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Apk

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most famous and modern android games. It is commonly known as PUBG. The game is released for android version mobiles this year and has smashed the internet as a big hit. The game allows you to play battles with your enemies and polish your battle-related skills. PUBG Mobile Apk gives the player a platform where he can check his skills related to battle and can use them to win the battle. You can use different weapons to confront your enemy and upgrade them with time. It also allows you to upgrade your skills.

The story of PUBG Mobile APK

The game starts when you are launched on the battleground from the plane. You are landed on the battleground using the parachute and then the battle begins. You have to confront your enemies. You are armed with weapons. You can get more weapons. You have to kill your enemies using the weapons before they will kill you.

PUBG mobile game


Features of PUBG Mobile APK

PUBG android contains a lot of good features as compared to other versions. These new features make this game more attractive and loving. These features have made this game worth downloading. The game has millions of od downloads in a single year because of these features.

  • Automatic Upgrade Looting

One of the best features of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is PUBG Looting, the mobile app of PUBG has made this game much smoother. This feature rapidly and consistently picks up all the new updates in the nearby area. It means that the players who are level 1 can automatically pick up the backup of level 2 for upgrades and are also allowed to swap the weaker helmet for the stronger one.

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In addition to looting and equipment upgrades, PUBG mobile game also allows you looting process in another way. When a player is killed in the game, its body vanishes, and a brown box appears which holds all the gear of the player. We should thank PUBG on mobile for this feature.

Download pubg mobile apk

PUBG Mobile Apk

  • Bots

If a player wants to play the game in offline mode, then the bot is available for the player. This feature allows playing private matches in offline mode. It also allows beginners to get in some practice and improve the games before facing real opponents.

With the help of the PUBG wallhacks, players can gain an advantage by having access to valuable information such as enemy locations, loot positions, and other important game data.
  • Log in Bonuses

One of the best features is log in bonus. Players get a login bonus at the end of every match. It also gives daily bonuses that encourage the regular activities of players.

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Download PUBG Apk

If you like battle games, then Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is the best game for you. Download the PUBG mobile apk from our site. You can also have Data of PUBG free download from our site. I hope you will like this game as well as our services.

Instructions to Install

  • You have to turn off your WiFi and Data Connection before installing PUBG Mobile Apk game.
  • The next stage involves the extraction of obb zip file directly to the location that is sdcard/Android/obb.
  • If obb folder is not present, then you have to create a folder of this name.
  • Now launch the game, the PUBG Mobile will run on your Android device with any problem.
  • Now open the app and run the game, the game will not demand any data files.

Download PUBG Mobile Apk

player unknown battlegrounds download

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