Roses at your wedding

Roses at your wedding

The most popular birthday flower for a wedding is the rose. And that is not surprising because roses symbolize love. Did you know that there are more than 3000 different types of roses in different colors and sizes? It does not matter which variety or color, roses give atmosphere and should therefore not be missed during your wedding day. And not only in the form of a bridal bouquet of roses, but roses also serve perfectly as wedding decorations and as wedding favors.

The different types, colors and sizes of roses from the Surprose range always match the ambiance of your wedding. Whether you opt for a mixed wedding bouquet with pink roses, white roses or perhaps with peonies or wild cut roses. We help you put together your dream wedding bouquet and matching decoration with our collection of real roses. The roses come directly from the grower and if you take good care of them, they can be kept in the vase for more than two weeks. After your wedding, hand out loose roses, individually packed in a water bottle, as a thank you so that dear guests can enjoy your special day for a long time to come.

The color of your bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet of rosesMany people choose a certain color theme for their wedding. These colors are then implemented in the smallest details. At Surprose you will certainly find the right color roses that match the color theme you have chosen. Do you opt for white roses, salmon pink or bright yellow or purple roses? Did you know that the color of the different roses has a symbolism? Perhaps this will help you choose the right color or complexion. Red roses symbolize love, but not only red roses have a symbolism. Yellow roses stand for freshness and surprise. Orange roses convey warmth and joy and white roses symbolize innocence, purity, loyalty and a fresh start. More about the meaning of the different colors can be found in this blog ‘Roses as a perfect gift‘.

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A special day

Your wedding day is a special day in which the bride can be unashamedly the center of attention. Everyone looks at the dress, of course, but also at the bridal bouquet, which enhances the beauty of the dress. The bridal bouquet is also visible in all wedding photos that hang on the wall at home for years to come. So the importance of a beautiful and appropriate bouquet is great.

Do you choose a small rose bouquet or a full bunch? Do you choose long stems or short ones? If you are getting married in the spring, choose one of the most impressive flowers out there; peonies. The peony is considered to be a rose that radiates love, happiness, health and prosperity, because the change from small to large flower with beautiful petals is so clearly visible in the peony.

Roses as wedding decoration

Wedding decoration with roses Surprose also has a suitable range of roses for the decoration of your wedding. You can think big when it comes to wedding decorations with roses. Think of large bouquets at the entrance of the wedding location and mixed bouquets as table decoration. Did you know that the number of roses has a special meaning? A bouquet of 50 roses is a love gesture of unconditional love. With 100 roses you let us know that your loved one is the one, forever! At Bloompost you can choose your own number of roses and therefore also order roses per piece, which is possible from 1 to 1001 pieces. You can read more about roses per piece here.

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