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To start, we need to understand what is Samsung Data Migration and how it works. Samsung Data Migration refers to a transfer tool used to transfer data that is existing files and programs from a hard disk service host superfetch drive or even new solid-state drives to a more recent Samsung drive. Therefore, this kind of software helps users be able to transfer their data easily without much trouble quickly.

There are several kinds of data that you can quickly transfer your data from the drive to the new Samsung SSD.

For example, you can transfer your current operating system, the software, and even other kinds of data in your old SSD or HDD. For you to be able to do this transfer. You will need a Samsung Data Migration software. Samsung Data Migration software is only available for owners of the Samsung Solid State Drives, SSDs.

There are several precautions that you need to take before transferring any data to the new drive.

Using the Samsung Data Migration is not a backup solution but a transfer of the data. Thus, a high chance of losing data. Before you start cloning this data, you must ensure all the information is backed up. What the Samsung Data Migration does is it completely transfer all data and deletes the old Samsung drive.

Therefore, when the transfer is done. It’s impossible to recover if you did not do it right. The hard disk will not be able to be recovered at all even if you use a data recovery service, and Samsung will not be liable, however if the data migration fails. There is a high chance that your data on the source disk will not be that affected. Several improvements have been made on the Samsung Data Migration, which we will look at later.



There are instances when you are copying data that you will experience some error, and the Samsung Data Migration will be stuck. For example, you will experience a stuck at 0% or 100% or even at 99%. So, what do you do when you encounter such kinds of stuck? First, you must identify a different type of software service host superfetch that you will use if the Samsung Data Migration software fails.

I highly recommend you use the EaseUS, which is free backup software.

The software has a compelling cloning feature, which will ensure the stuck error is fixed. The first thing that you do is ensure that your SSD is connected to the computer first of all. Suppose you do join the SSD the next thing. You will need to do launch the EaseUS too and click Clone. When you click on the Clone, it will pop up a window in which you need to choose the source disk that you want to clone.

 Once you choose the source disk, you will then need to select the destination disk, which will be the storage destination. You can find optimize for disk, which will allow you to optimize the SSD destination. Once you do all these, you can then proceed to clone. This will do an excellent job of fixing Samsung Data Migration stuck error.

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There is another method you can use to fix Samsung Data Migration stuck error. Firstly, is by ensuring you create a full backup of the hard drive and save in another industry. After that, you will need to create a bootable USB drive service host superfetch, which you will do so by downloading an ISO file. That, you will have to replace the old hard drive. With the new Samsung SSD manually. Then, you can then boot your computer with the bootable USB that you created earlier. After the computer is booted, you can then connect the old storage and start doing restoring.


The third option of fixing the Samsung Data Migration error is using the AOMEI Partition Assistant. You can find this software by downloading the free version from online and start using it on the go. Once installed, the first thing is connecting the SSD and ensuring that it is recognized.

You will then go to the original hard drive that you want to copy and click copy hard disk.

Several copy methods are listed, and you can choose one service host superfetch depending on your needs. From there, you will identify the destination that you want and click proceed. After that, you can now swap the drive with the cloned Samsung SSD and then boot that device, and you are ready.

These are some of the several steps that you can take to fix the Samsung Data Migration stuck error. These kinds of problems are hectic, and they do mostly occur; therefore, it’s essential that you know several ways of tackling them. We will identify some of the reasons which cause the Samsung Data Migration stuck error.



One reason why the Samsung Data Migration fails is a result of a default drive. Drives are exceptionally delicate, and there is a high chance that either your source drive or target drive is not working right. You must ensure you check if there is an issue beforehand when this happens before migrating again. There is a high chance that your hard drive can be broken or just failing in a way and thus a stuck error while migrating. You can run ‘chkdsk’ on command to ensure that all the drives are working right and if there is any issue with one of them.


When making a transfer to another disk, you need to ensure that the disk has a large amount of space. One of the things that you need to keep service host superfetch in mind is that area should be above 75%. If you happen to have a lesser space, there is a high chance that you will experience a Sang Damsuta Migration stuck error.

If let’s say the Samsung SSD is about 500GB, you will need to ensure that the data you are transferring is about 375GB or even less. Therefore, a large amount of information is a big reason for these kinds of stocks and you should delete some. Deleting some useless files can be of great advantage as it will reduce the size of the kind of data you are transferring, which ensures a complete Samsung Data Migration. Also, you have another option of moving the large files to a different kind of hard drive which is not the source or the target drive.


The other reason why you experience a Samsung Data Migration stuck error is as a result of the kind of partition in the target drive. During cloning the disk, there is a high chance that the disk can be in different kind of partitions which are not that responsive when you transfer data to it.

The thing that you will need to do is ensure that all the partitions in the disk are removed and make a new partition. You will have to do this as the files you are transferring can be working only on a particular type of partition style. Doing extra partitions, later on, can be of great value when it comes to fixing the Samsung Data Migration stuck error. I did try this as a different method with a friend SSD and I happened to be successful in fixing the kinds of issues.

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SSDs work hand in hand with the cables, and there is a high chance that you may run into issues if your USB cable is not good. The first thing that I highly recommend people to do when they experience the stuck error is to change the cable. A SATA port is also another part that can be problematic as it may cause the stuck easily.

Therefore, what you need to do is ensure that you constantly change the port you are using or the cable and see if you can get any assistance. The issues can be a lot, and it’s just a matter of trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. Changing the type of software that you are also using can be of great advantage in fixing the Samsung Data Migration stuck error.


For those who want to perform the right data migration transfer, I will like to highlight the few procedures to take. There are different kinds of mode transfer that you need to keep in mind while doing the Samsung Data Migration. There is a normal mode where the source disk is smaller than the target disk and advanced mode where the source is more significant than the target disk.

In normal mode, it’s very simple you start migration on the Samsung Data Migration software.

After that, you will need to connect your target disk, and you will see it display on the screen. Once you can identify the disk, you can then start cloning which will take a few minutes before it completes and you will have your disk ready.

In advanced mode, you will simply start the migration similar to the normal one and connect your target disk. Once the target disk identifies in the screen, you can now begin cloning your disk. Firstly, you will have to click on the disk analysis and cloning settings. Then click on the disk analysis summary and scan for files that you would wish to exclude from cloning.

If the list displays, you can then select the kinds of files that you would like to exclude by scrolling through them. After deciding on the files to clone, you can then start the cloning process, and after a few minutes, the cloning will be done. This is a straightforward process that you can follow to perform the Samsung Data Migration. If you happen to run into an issue with the stuck error, you can resolve that by using the various options above.


There are a few limitations to the software, and they include; the software cannot clone encrypted disks unless you have a password. You will need a fully working source disk for it to work fine and damaged disks never clone. The other is you will need to uninstall an instant PC recovery software for the software to work fine. Finally, for the software to function, it needs up to date mainboard chipset drivers. All these are the few things that you will need to keep in mind when thinking about the Samsung Data Migration software.


To conclude, we have highlighted the several steps that you can take to fix Samsung Data migration stuck error. There are a couple that you can try and this can help you a lot with the issue. We have also highlighted the several reasons that can be why you experience the stuck error and knowing these can help you fix the problem faster. The article also highlights the full process of doing the Samsung Data Migration and some of the limitations of the software. Knowing all these can set you in the right part of successful data migration.


Can Samsung Data Migration delete files?

At the software, you have the option of selecting the kind of files that you want to delete and the ones to keep. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide either to clone or delete them.

Why does the Samsung Data Migration have a stuck error?

You can experience a stuck error service host superfetch. If you have issues with a damaged disk or even when your USB cable is not working correctly.

How long does the Samsung Data Migration take?

The migration can take a few service host superfetchor even up to an hour. It depends on the type of cable and data size.

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